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The Vipareeta Rajyoga of Shri P.V.R Narasimha Rao
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Astrology was practised in my maternal family. My grandmother was a great storyteller who would tell me stories from the puranas. I have learnt Sanskrit in school as a third language for five years. The basic knowledge of Sanskrit has helped me to understand the basics of astrology better and the combination of the two has helped me to get to our roots and understand what our ancestors had to say about our life in the past, present and after. My in-depth concepts in astrology were greatly cleared after reading the books written by the revered Dr.

V Raman. Later, I came in contact with his son, a well-known Astrologer and Vaastu specialist Shri Bangalore Niranjan Babu who published my articles in the Astrological eMagazine. I would also like to mention that Shri P V Narasimha Rao has been my inspiration for the fact that he has worked very hard to share his vast knowledge of astrology by the way of free softwares, publications, blogs and classes in order to make astrology accessible and popular with all! Astrology is a lot about analysis. Being a graduate in Mathematics and having done computer programming which requires a good amount of logic and reasoning I have an edge in analysing the charts.

Vedic astrology is in practice in India for over a thousand years but the fact is that, we can never match up to their level of accuracy in the intricate calculations ,They calculated manually, we depend on a software! About Vedic Astrology.

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Indian astrology is popularly referred to as Vedic astrology. The most popularly followed astrological references are by sages like Parashara, Varahamihira, Jaimini and their followers. Parashara is believed to have lived about years ago. Ju owns A8. Ma is badhakesha in 8 th house. Ju gives Ma results Badhakesha in 8 th is not good.

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Ma being badhakesha being in 8 th house and owner of A6 can bring some sudden accident kind of event, and ill health. Here are the guidelines: a. From 8 th house, see the sign. From 6 th house, see from Asc.

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In this case Ju is the 6 th lord in 10 th. So, the problem is in the knees. Finally the puzzle to answer is vehicular accident. Some other vehicle came and hit the native.

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Important points to notice out of this solution a. Never ignore a Gandantha planet. If such a person comes to the astrologer, advise Mrithyunjaya Mantra. This can alleviate some suffering. If AK th dasa running then death is not possible. Somehow miraculously escapes. AK tries to teach that body is not the reality. So, it wants the body to prove this. Tithi Pravesa gave some hints, Vimsottari-Natal is much stronger here. So, always check the natal and never ignore it.

Shoola Dasa Concepts: a.

Vedic Astrology: An Integrated Approach

This dasa shows serious accidents, and even death. Dasa periods of AL and the trines from it are very important. If a person dies AL is what is destroyed. Along with AL, 3 rd from AL is also important. During the concerned period, Aq dasa is running. Analyzing the chart we notice the following: a.

P. V. Narasimha Rao Horoscope

Badhakesha, Su is aspecting it. Luckily, Ma, and Ke, the marakas in 8 , are not aspecting Aq. So, we do see some afflictions to the trine from AL but luckily Marakas are not involved. Selecting Pitru-Shoola dasa, we notice that Ta dasa is running. Each Shoola dasa is 9 years.

Shiva is Mahakala here. For Pitru- Shoola dasa, take 9 th house and 7 th from it and choose the stronger of them, and first dasa starts from Lessons on Vedic Astrology - Volume II 22 that. A9 is in Cp. Trines from Cp are important. In Ta trine from Cp , Su karaka of father is afflicted by Ke but far apart. Also, Mo is also afflicted by Ke. Me, Ke, Ma are Marakas by being owners of 2 nd and 7 th houses, Sa, Ma, Ra are Marakas by nature of them being in 2 nd and 7 th houses.

In order to see troubles for relatives, we can also look at Sthira Karakas. Stronger of Su and Ve is the Sthira karaka of father. Here, Su is stronger. This is also attacked one of the spokes of Shoola as it is in Ta which is a trine. So, based on these, not only A9 is attacked, Sthira Karaka Su is also attacked by the spoke of Shoola. So, we can expect problems to father in this dasa.


Taking 9 th house as reference Me is 3 rd and 6 th lord in Badhakasthana. So, accident is possible. Mo is with A6, and A8. What happens to father should be seen from L9. L9 is the manifestation of father as a different living and thinking being. L9 is in Cp. Taking this as Asc, we notice the following: i. Me is the 6 th and 9 th lord.

So, some protection and also accident. Mo is the 7 th lord, a maraka. He is the dispositor of 8 th lord. Bhoga is in Le, 8 th house. So, results are sudden, unexpected. Taking all these we can see that accident is possible. Asc is Le. Asc lord, Su is afflicted by Ra, Ke, Sa 6 th lord.

Accident happened on Dec 5 th This is Sa dasa. So, indicates routine jobs with lot of obstacles. This all happened in Sa MD. Me is the 2 nd lord in 8 th house, and with Ju who is in Moolatrikona.

On the eve of elections, politicians rush to astrologers to get their planetary positions reviewed

Me is the Karaka of Banking, and Ju denotes financial institutions. This explains the banking related work. Q and A - Question 3 details daily TP charts. Q: If there are 2 planets in a Rasi and one of them is involved in parivartana yoga, then do the planets exchange results first or does parivartana yoga happen first? A: When 2 planets are together, they do not always exchange the results.

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It depends upon if they are friends and how close they are. If Su and Ra are together, they do not exchange the results. This does not depend if they are malefic or benefic, what matters is if they are friends. Also, if 2 planets in the same sign are giving Raja Yoga, it depends on how close the 2 planets are, if they are at 2 ends of the room the Raja Yoga may not be powerful. Planets in parivarthana will not exchange the results throughout their period.