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The Real Housewives Zodiac Signs

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Anne Archer. Anne Archer is an American actress who has performed in feature films, televisio Read more on Anne Archer. Sikander Bakht.

He was one Read more on Sikander Bakht. Bill Sweeney. Bill Sweeney in Worcester, Massachusetts, is a professional astrologer. Read more on Bill Sweeney. Jose Martinez. Watch out for misunderstandings and drawing premature conclusions. Get all of the facts so you can make an informed decision on any topic. Home life and getting your home into shape for the upcoming holidays may be on your mind.

You take a lot of pride in your home and this is a time where you can shine. You have too may things to do, so it keeps you nearby. You need a break! Try to balance your life with family, friends and yourself. You are not winning the race this time, so plan on a few changes.

This is a time to participate in the arts, such as music, drawing, painting or singing.

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You should express yourself more freely now. There is a lot of thought about occultism, theories, philosophies and dreams. Be aware that this is a time where drugs and alcohol may be an issue; if not you, those close to you may abuse these addictions. However, it also indicates that your imagination and creativity is at its peak now so invent or finish something that is important to you. You have the intelligence to do it, so just do it.

Hesitating will only get your more procrastination and may not make your dreams come true. She may be contacted at to make an appointment for a telephone or in-person tarot, astrology or Feng Shui consultation. Vikki Anderson. This book has information combined from her first tarot book published in and new information gained throughout the last thirteen years.

Vikki has changed many of the meanings of the cards as she had thought that many of them were very negative. This book divides itself into many interesting areas of metaphysics. This book gives you detailed information about which questions to ask in a reading to get the most insightful information for your family, friends or client. Beginning in May of this year, we have had an inordinate amount of retrogrades plaque us. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have been going in and out of retrogrades, not to mention our good friend, Mercury retrograde.

These retrogrades do bring some negative and uninvited results into our lives. We all know what Mercury Rx does. It makes miscommunication easy, there are computer, car, and electronic issues that keep us from continuing forward in a job or goal. There are always hurdles to overcome to get to your original goal and it takes longer to get there.

Jupiter Rx may bring good luck through unexpected or hidden means, and unusual circumstances. It can expand situations and make a bad situation worse. Depending upon where it is in your chart, it can make you look inward and discover truths about yourself, and can be an expansion time. If Jupiter goes over your first house cusp, or Ascendant, unfortunately, it makes you gain weight. It also allows you to have a greater world view and makes you think of what your place is in it. Saturn Rx is a little more menacing. It can make you feel depressed, or make you give up on a project, chore, hope or dream as it seems too overwhelming for you to handle.

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It can bring in many obstacles for you to obtain your goals and dreams. However, once you overcome the obstacles, you will be on your way to understanding why you had to go through these tests and the positive outcome it provided you. It can be extremely distressing and over-powering; however, if you stay your course and continue to chip away at your goals, you will be victorious.

Saturn teaches you lessons you have to learn. If we learn them, they will never have to be repeated. Uranus Rx may be precarious in regards to accidents or misadventures if you are not careful. Uranus Rx can make you reckless causing an unfortunate accident or circumstance to arise and can make you take reckless chances. It may let you stay in whatever part of life you are in because you think it would be too hard for you to move forward towards your dreams.

It may keep you afraid of taking chances and may stall accomplishments, relationships or money-making enterprises. So, you can see things much worse or better than they truly are. You are living in a fantasy world and may not be able to distinguish right from wrong, and reality from fantasy. So be careful while making important decisions and ask a trusted friend or family member to help with the decision. It is, however, illustrious time for writing fantastic tales, poetry, or to accomplish many wonderful things in any of the creative arts where you can express yourself freely.

It would help in expressing yourself in this fashion if you are unable to talk about an issue or concern with others. Pluto Rx means this is a transformation time. It breaks down structure in your life and makes it feel as if the rug has been pulled out from under you. It can cause extensive changes in your life and also makes you look inward to see what things you should change within yourself to attract a positive future.

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